"Discovery" -First ten pages


March 23, 2006.


On a big monitor of the master computer there was a square with a blinking word START written in. The eyes of the present were directed to Goran’s sweaty face. As a project leader he had the honor to activate that “start” and perhaps get the history wheel going … in another direction.

            Behind the glass, in the other room of the same laboratory, three pyramids put in a right-angled triangle were standing on a fairly large, low table.

            Goran looked at the general Momčilović who was standing in front of the glass along with other members of the team. They exchanged a long glance and the general nodded somewhat timidly.

            Nevertheless, Goran clicked the mouse button indecisively.

            The very same moment a frightful boom crashed. A strange and yet familiar smell could be sensed in the room. After the first shock everyone approached the glass even more. It seemed as if nothing had happened, but a regular black cube made of a material without any glow - a regular, pure graphite cube appeared on the table between the pyramids.

            “It worked!” passed through Goran’s head. “It worked.”

            He took a shiny glass of champagne offered by Nada with great effort. His hands were shaking too much.

            “And now what?” passed through everybody’s head. Up to that day they were all occupied only with the project realization. They thought about practical use of this invention, but that was less important, having in mind a big work that was waiting for them; and at the same time they didn’t dare to, so as not to, let’s say, put a jinx on it. On the other hand, they were not quite sure whether Goran’s formula was the right thing.

            Actually, as all big inventions, this one as well was essentially a very simple one. Everything has certain energy. This energy has its frequency. There is a focus point in the field of this energy through which all threads pass, keeping this energy gathered in its constant flow and, at the same time, in constant interference with the outer world, the outer energy that fulfills the universe. Goran converted all that in a unique formula. By changing parameters it was possible to change the matter structure – this energy structure. There was a formula: a generator was to be made now that would simply create a new matter “out of nothing”, according to the formula and given parameters. Every alchemist’s dream.

            It was all so fantastic that neither Goran could be quite certain whether it would all work – there was always a possibility to have something forgotten.

            But let’s start from the beginning…




Unique sound in the old one-floor house was coming from a clock in the entrance-hall that was slowly ticking its time. Goran thought there was no one, but knowing who he was dealing with he pushed the door-handle and came in a big living room. His shoes sank into a thick old Persian carpet. “He must have gone out,” he thought, “or have taken a nap. I can show this to him tomorrow as well…” He went back towards the entrance, but in the last moment he changed his mind and went towards the terrace. The professor, wrapped well in a blanket, was sitting in a big rocking chair watching a setting disk of the tired sun vanishing in the blue of the Pannonia plain.

“Goran, when did you come?”

“I rang the bell, but you didn’t hear. I was free to let myself in.”

“It’s OK. You know this is like your other home.”


Goran, obviously nervous, took out a piece of paper from the inner pocket of his coat and gave it to the professor.

“It’s finished. This is it”, he said stiffly.

“Is it really? Is it possible to be so simple?” the professor responded, excited as well.

“It all fits. I’ve applied it to the periodic table and it fits in perfectly with atomic weights and number of electron orbits, only now the electron deceleration in its orbit is precisely defined according to its shape, to how close it passes by the nucleus and to the interference with other atoms in the molecule.”

“And what about the living world?”

            “At least you know that, it is the same, only more complex. There is only a slight difference in the focus point frequency between the organisms in the evolution scale, which interferes with all atoms in the organism and gives them from the matter we see - we could even say life, to the most subtle layers of the biofield. Life is a relative thing anyway. It all depends on how we define it. According to some people all things are alive because everything has a similar structure. You know those DNA interpretations - that it is just Tesla’s transformer on a small scale. I’m joking. It isn’t that simple, but it’s true that the spirals are both here and there, ideally synchronized spiral cortexes, like some sort of symbiotic abstractions, that are not that at the same time. Jesus, I’ve said a lot of nonsense in brief, but it is hard to find words to explain it simply, even though this really is simple. The analysis of some Nikola Tesla’s works has led to the cognition of undoubted convergence of his ideas and the understanding of the space-time-matter structure, as well as to tighter relation between the model of Quantum Energy Density and Tesla’s interpretation. Furthermore, and this is far more important, it has been noticed that Tesla’s ideas about non-Hertz waves are not contradictory at all to the modern science. On the contrary, they are completely in accordance with Maxwell’s equations for quantum theory and the theory of relativity. Everything that surrounds us we can see in several ways, according to our wishes and our aims, and just as well according to our possibilities and strictly in the manner appropriate for us and our position in the space-time continuum, in multidimensional sense, of course. The universe is “the way it is” because of the general harmony and dialectic unity of the black and white hole, which are, for now, a hypothetic “generator” of the basic essential-structural phases of a dimensionally higher form of space-time-matter movement in the model described with the terms of space expansion and space reduction, cyclic-changeable periods of development, evolution and involution of the Space and, of course, of the “eternal” or, better said, eternally changeable Unity…

            “I agree, only this is a step further – this will change the world. But you haven’t put this on the Internet as you usually do, have you?”

            “No, I haven’t.”

            “If this comes into their hands…”

            “I can’t even imagine what may come out of this. Just a bit modified Tesla’s transformer operated by a computer fast enough could stimulate energetic field, create energy and matter. The structure of Tesla’s ball-like lightning and human body chakras is completely the same. Well, only in totally developed chakras, to be exact. Remember Steiner and his description of multi-petal lotus flowers… But let’s get inside, it’s getting cold” and Goran helped the professor to get up. “I’m going to need some help with the program,” Goran went on. “I guess Vojkan could do it.”

            “Have you informed him about this?”

            “No, I haven’t, I’ve just told him that we have to meet tonight at your place. I expect him to be here any minute.”

            “What about your Toša? Have you called him?”

            “Well, I couldn’t tell it to anyone, you know, I came here first. Someone’s ringing, it must be Vojkan. Didn’t you hear the door-bell?”


            “When I was your age I could hear everything,” the professor thought more and more excited since he began to develop in his head possible events that were becoming more certain considering the importance of the discovery and the entire surrounding.

            “Goran has been followed by at least three intelligence services – they don’t want to take any risks when it comes to such a brilliant mind. How can we keep this out of their sight? They used his hospital treatment of an old war wound to inject a microchip in his bloodstream that nestled fast in the brain membrane, so they had everything in plain view: his each thought, everything he saw or felt and he had no idea about it. Fortunately, Toša felt it. Psychic friend are useful in this war. Who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t managed to get it out and attach it to our computer to simulate Goran’s mental matrix. We are successfully lying to them now, but for how long can we do it? If Vojkan hadn’t developed fast that fabulous software of his... My God, I’ve never believed in you too much, and yet an invisible hand has been guiding us so far, only providence has saved us. What next?”

            “Good evening, professor” Vojkan said coming in. “What was so urgent?”

            “Let Goran explain you.”

            “Hi, Goran, I haven’t seen you, you’ve got lost in that armchair”.


Without saying a word Goran handed him a piece of paper with the formula.


            “What is this? It can’t be that simple, can it?”

            “Yes it can, although it wasn’t easy to get to these basic parameters of the formula. These are all complex functions, but it is easier with modified periodic system of elements. I couldn’t over the phone, and here is the safest place. The system you made for the professor’s hose successfully blocks all their machines for telepathic bugging of our brains. Luckily they haven’t found yet that we have something alike.”

            “It won’t stay long like that,” Vojkan uttered temperedly.

            “We have two basic tasks,” the professor interrupted, “how to preserve the formula and how to test it in practice.”

            “We won’t be able to do it without our friends from the army,” Vojkan responded, “but can we trust them all?” Could it be that some of them are also under control?”

            “The general is our one hundred percent, and Toša will also cover us to some extent, although they are attacking him as well” Goran intervened.


            The professor took the phone:


            “I’ll phone Stojan to come immediately.”

            “He doesn’t know about your electronic protection system Vojkan, should we tell him?”

            “You are so wrong, he knows, and how. I couldn’t have obtained all necessary hardware trifles without him; only, he thought it would be better if you didn’t know he knew all that.”

            “Hello, Jova’s here. I didn’t wake you up, did I?”

            “Not at all; it was the phone that woke me up. But tell me, what is so important that you call me at this time of night? You wouldn’t call just to hear my voice. Speak up!” Stojan ordered in the manner of an old military officer.

            “I can’t say it over the phone, you know; it would be better if you came to me.”

            “Now? At this time? But I’ve just went to bed. No way, can’t it wait until tomorrow?”

            “You don’t trust me that much – would I call you if it wasn’t important? Goran has finished what he was working on. He’s here, at my place. Vojkan as well.”

            “All right. I’ll be there, but watch your step if it really isn’t something important. Bye.”


            The professor hung up and turned around towards his friends.


            “He’s grumbling for dragging him at this hour, but he’ll come. I didn’t realize it was already half past eleven.”

            “Take care, after two the shield isn’t so efficient, all until four. I couldn’t solve it.”




“Right, there’s something you want from me again, isn’t there?” he entered grumbling. “I just went to bed. What is so important now for this group of weirdoes? Luckily for you that I’m just like you…” Stojan started to laugh and sat down in the nearest armchair.

            “Goran made it…” the professor started.

            “He’s stalling with teleportation again! Has he teleported a mouse now?” the general laughed alone at his own joke.

            “Goran managed to complete the formula of energy field of all things on this planet and of the planet itself and the whole universe” the professor continued. “We know its creative feature as well – with specially modified Tesla’s transformer controlled by a fast computer programmed as necessary anything could be created – real alchemy.”

            “Are you aware of what you are saying? Now you’re telling me all this, you’ve been hiding it from me – if what you’re saying is true at all! Don’t you trust the army?”

            “The answer is yes. And we wouldn’t have called you if we could do it without you. But enough of bullshit. If you want to join us, fine, if not, you’re free to go, we’ll manage somehow.”

            “Hey, hey, of course you can’t do it without me. I am the only one who has such a computer. Fortunately we pinched a real machine from that Mossad secret agent.”

            “Maybe they wanted you to pinch it, as you say; who knows what you have brought in this house” Jova answered thoughtfully.

            “Who’s going to make the program application if I give you the computer?”

            “I suppose I can manage, with Goran’s help. I don’t know if I can control speed changes of electrons in their orbits on time.”

            “You can with this machine.”

            “Where is safe enough to do it? Who to include? Do we need someone else?” Goran started.

            “I think we should involve the professor Nada, I suppose you all know her” the professor interfered. “You know that cousin of mine, don’t you?”

            “I wasn’t going to reveal it, but now I have to. I have a perfect place – our new underground base is in the safest place on Earth, even those from Fort Meed, I mean NSA, can do us nothing there. Kremna – it’s all clear!” the general concluded importantly.

            “How come we haven’t thought earlier to use it for such things? Has anyone studied this phenomenon? Divine place. No wonder that the Tarabić family was born there.”

            “Tomorrow at twelve in my office. Call Nada as well. Don’t worry, Vojkan installed this protection at my place, too, I had to charge him for those parts. I’m going to sleep, thanks for calling me.”


            Stojan got up and to the door. He stopped there and turned towards his friends:

            “I suppose there is no need to point out the importance of keeping this in secret. Good night.”

            “Of course; we better go as well. Tomorrow is a hard day.” And Vojkan got up. “Are you coming, Goran?”

            “I’m coming, wait. It’s almost two o’clock. Good night, professor.”




Feature that characterized the special antiterrorist department headed by the general Stojan Momčilović was the highest level of secrecy. He has been in intelligence for a long time, but for last two years he was on a very delicate position of the head of this department whose very existence was kept in top secret. In fact, the very terrorism they were fighting against was the top state secret: on the one hand, so as not to scare the general public, and on the other, to manipulate it easier if necessary. Greater escalation of attacks by powerful computers that were widely reading peoples minds and also suggesting them what to think, without anyone noticing it, demanded corresponding answer, that is protection. The most terrible thing was that the majority of people weren’t even aware of that - it couldn’t have crossed their minds that their thoughts weren’t theirs at all. Hardly anybody would believe it, even if he was told about it.

            He was no stranger to odd occurrences in this world, but Goran’s work was really unique and fascinating. He wasn’t surprised by what he heard that night. The department has been following up Goran and his research for quite some time. The sole fact that they were friends was only making it all easier. Even though there was no place for being surprised, he still couldn’t stay calm. Such a discovery will not mean just a technological breakthrough in the production of this or that, as we are usually used to, but it could mean a total change of modern civilization; and not to think of possible abuses. Today’s discovery could also mean the end of this civilization – and it will be in a way: we will either make such a step forward that we’ll no longer look like today civilization, or we will simply abuse it all as we usually do, so it will be the end of everything – returning to a cave man.

            It gave Stojan the creeps. He stopped his big luxury jeep beside an old plane tree at the end of the street. Slight shiver came over him. “What is going on with me?” he thought. “I must be too old for all this. It’s not the first time that I have to decide on such things, and yet…Who knows when and how many times so far has someone like me – I’m just a mere mortal after all- held the keys of Hell and Heaven in his hands at the same time? And how many times until now a right decision has been made? We may well say: not once. If it wasn’t so, would the modern society be the way it is? Ancient writers, but also contemporary research, testify that many brilliant civilizations on this planet fell into ruin. It isn’t hard to conclude why.”

            Stojan came around a bit, turned the key and the big engine roared vividly. He automatically took a look at the rear-view mirror, but in the final corner of the mirror he spotted something odd in the sky. He opened the door and pulled out his head looking upwards. Nothing unusual could be seen. Suddenly he saw above the tree top a glittering oval object that was gliding through the sky without a sound. It was nothing like what was usually called a flying object. It was shining a peaceful color of old gold:

            “Just like the old grandfather’s pocket watch” Stojan thought.

            His department was following up these appearances as well. It was known about such objects, but he didn’t have the chance to find it out himself, nor to see one of those flying unknowns with his own eyes.

            His heart started to beat faster, but he quickly grabbed the car radio and dialed the programmed number for emergency cases.

            “Hello” a pleasant female voice answered. It was the powerful computer in the Department.

            “Stojan’s here. You see where I am. What’s this above me?”

            “It’s an unidentified flying object – familiar shape – classified – type C, length: 3600 meters – height 28,000 fee – origin unknown.”

            “Do you read a radiation or inductions? Are they scanning us?”

            “No, not us, but they have aimed their scanning rays towards Rtanj – it’s a mountain in the east.”

            “I know that much, but what are they looking for out there?”

            “I don’t know. I see that right now they are exactly above Rtanj doing something. They’re just leaving. They are no longer in the Earth’s orbit. They are extremely fast. They use the space-time-matter cracks, the thing your friends are working on.”

            “OK. That’s it for now. I want a complete report for tomorrow morning.”

            “Certainly. Over and out.”




A charming appearance and cheerful spirit were features that certainly characterized Vojkan more than anyone. He was very well known in the Ministry of Defense Department for World Web Sites Monitoring – that was, by the way, the official name of Stojan’s department. He was their subcontractor. He was making friends easily and leaving good impression on those he would meet. Stojan’s secretary, a woman of strong tradition-bound convictions, had to admit to herself that her heart would start to beat stronger every time she would see him. And that wasn’t on rare occasions – particularly lately Vojkan has had a lot of work in the Department.

            That morning as usual he had no problem to come in a very well guarded Stojan’s office. It was a big squared room equipped with an unusual combination of the state-of-the-art technology and the old art nouveau pieces of furniture left from the period of two world wars, a pride of some principles of Serbian state then. After the war its rigid lines and bulkiness contributed to the feeling of awe towards the new power, the feeling that all of those who would step before the big head of OZNA couldn’t resist.  That table and closet had been waiting for a long time in the Ministry of Defense basement until several years ago when Stojan saw them by chance during an inspection of new security system works in the building. He couldn’t resist not picking them up for his office he was redecorating just then. He had great difficulty to find two armchairs of the same style in the building. To be fair, they were in a poor condition, but for an old upholsterer Bora from Dorćol they were a true challenge. The peak of Stojan’s sense of humor, recognizable everywhere even in this arrangement of his work space, was an old metal table lamp with wide oval lamp-shade; that was, by the way, the original lamp from general Nedić’s desk from the time of German power that he accidentally found in an antique shop near Slavija. Once in a frank conversation with the professor Jovanović, his best friend, he confessed that all that lack of seriousness with old “anti-people” leaders’ things was actually the rebellion of his subconscious: he wasn’t sure himself who was he serving. He was balancing on a high wire. Certainly, someone had to take a stand against the enemy in a new corresponding manner, but just as well someone could easily abuse him and his Department for an incredible tormenting of his own people.

            Vojkan closed the door after himself and saw that there was a slim middle-aged and yet extremely attractive woman already sitting in Stojan’s office. It was Nada Cerović, an associate professor of electronics at the Belgrade University and a manager of Tesla Museum since recently. She turned around when she heard the door.

            “Hello, Vojkan. Stojan has already told me everything or at least everything. I should know” Nada started as a joke, though Stojan couldn’t have missed her slightly sarcastic tone, so he continued in the same vein.

            “I’m offering her a vacation in our recreation center on Tara Mountain, and look at her. But, to be true, she will have to do some work for the rent and food” he laughed. “Well, Vojkan, take a seat.”

            “You are so unserious, and we have a terrible work ahead. I haven’t slept all night. Even if we make it, we could hardly preserve and control it. Are we going to be strong enough not to abuse it? We might speed up the end of this civilization.”

            “It can be just as well the beginning of a new better civilization based on a new more spiritual principles.” Nada interrupted him, “Is there anything purer from the Serbian orthodox soul?”

            “Precisely our nationalism is what I am afraid of.”


            The discussion was interrupted by the entrance of Goran and the professor Jovanonić.


            “Good day gentlemen, take a seat, please” the general said and went on. “Vojkan, when can you finish the program?”

            “Until Thursday. I guess.”

            “It is Monday today, so I suggest you work here, our computers are safer and we have a quality defense from you know what. If everything ends as it should, we’ll be flying to the recreation center on Saturday at 04:00. You don’t need to know the exact position. Our lab is 312 meters underground. I guess that will be enough. We will be alone and protected by “Mother”. That is the state-of-the-art computer. I’ve programmed it from the very beginning and I trust it.”




“Tell me, what have you been doing behind my back? What kind of friends are you? You’ve been preparing vacations on state’s expense, and I am not invited” Toša started his phone conversation without any introduction.

            “How do you know that? (What a question!). We couldn’t have called you for security reasons.” Stojan justified himself. “You small-town people cannot be reached. Anyway, you already know enough and we were counting on your help.”

            “Just tell me if it is true what I think it is - has our friend finished his work?”

            “Yes, he has. Entirely.”

            “You’re forgetting that I can’t follow you there. That’s Kremna.”

            “You’re right. We have overlooked it. Still, it would be better if you were with us. Take a short holiday in Travel International agency for ten days on Tara. Ask for Mirjana. She’ll know. It’s good you called. Sorry for this oversight. See you, bye.”




Having all passengers in the aircraft drifted off into sound sleep, a big elevator started to lower the platform with a military helicopter deep under ground. A specially elaborated narcotic was providing a kind of sleep without the slightest trace of dreaming, much less in the REM phase. It was proved to be a solid protection from external brain programming. Professor Ognjatović, a biotechnologist, and his team at the Military Medicine Academy have developed that drug within their activities, and also within broader scope of activities of the Department, for the purpose of fighting against enemy programming of our people. It was the latest and cruelest form of a specific war, in fact, the most immoral form of warring ever known in the history. Stojan has been working with him on this program from the very beginning and fortunately they have managed to create such base of modern opiates on time, because if they hadn’t have it in the big attack last spring…

            On the other hand, they have also been monitoring perfidious poisoning coming from imported food stuffs from the West. That was frankly announced back in 1925 by Winston Churchill when he wrote about “epidemics methodically prepared and launched on human population and animals… plant lice to destroy harvests and crops, anthrax to kill horses and cattle…” A new chapter in biological weapon usage as a method of bio-economical destruction of rivals was opened. Therefore, they had to have a decent shield embodied in a specially designed laboratory at the MMA. None of this would have existed if a new science developed and flourished in the middle and the end of the 20th century hadn’t opened many doors for significant improvements in medicine and food technology, but even more in the field of all kinds of abuse. A fantastic progress of biotechnology was conditioned by the development of the recombinant DNA technology. Avery McLeod and McCarthy found in 1944 that genetic information was stored in nucleic acids. The genetic code was broke down in 1961 and nine years later gene was synthesized for the first time in the history of science. Finally, in 1972 methods of splicing together DNA fragments of two different organisms to create a biologically functional hybrid of the DNA molecule resulted in the first successfully terminated experiment. As any new technology, biotechnology as well is a coin with two sides. The good side offers a solution to human suffering. Genetic engineering eases people their fight against certain diseases creating preparations such as recombinant insulin and recombinant erythrogen, Factor VIII – a medicine for hemophiliacs, vaccines and antibiotics.

            Nevertheless, the bad side of biotechnology allows the infinity of possible manipulations and abuses. Milk “enriched” with genetically modified growth hormone, which is also given to cows, is being produced in America. Tomatoes of identical shape and firmness that don’t rotten and endure for months have appeared in many markets and shops all over European cities. Such quality is obtained thanks to genetic engineering that has enriched this plant’s genes by adding antibiotics. Yet, taking such “enriched” food can create resistance to antibiotics with people. The Greenpeace organization, consumers associations and various societies for human environment protection have initiated a fierce campaign in the European Parliament for prohibition of genetically modified soya bean importation. Such soya, enriched with antibiotics in order to become more resistant to diseases and pests, has become an inevitable ingredient in food industry, from all sorts of pasta to pet food. It should be kept in mind that nowadays, according to official data, over 30 sorts of bacteria have already developed resistance to antibiotics. Drug effect against a variety of infections has been drastically reduced as well.

            The prohibition on importation of genetically modified cereals that mostly come from American laboratories was adopted at the session of the European Parliament in Brussels back in April 1997. The European Commission highlighted the danger of “the risk of transferring genes resistant to antibiotics to humans” and suggested for the future to clearly point out the information about genetically modified products on their labels.

            Eugenics, or the science of race “improved” by genetics, can be extremely abused through unethical use of biotechnological practice. Moreover, there is a question of creating biological weapons by biotechnology. Biological weapons can be classified into viruses, bacteria, rickettsias, biological toxins and genetically modified organisms.

            Such species usually tested within the biotechnological arsenal include Ebola, hanta virus and VEE (Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis). Ebola causes a hemorrhagic fever; hanta virus a fever accompanied by kidney complications and respiratory problems. VEE attacks central nerve system and causes frequent brain swelling. The USA, Iran and former USSR have the biggest stocks of biological weapons.

            As it was long ago brought to attention in the book “Imperija zla – prljava Amerika” (Empire of Evil – Dirty America) by D&D Vićanović, biological agents are mostly efficient killers. Warfare is becoming a lot cheaper. As it is estimated, one gram of biological toxin can kill 10 million people. Purified form of botulin toxin is approximately three million times more powerful than the nerve gas sarin. For the sake of comparison, a scud missile loaded with botulin toxin will contaminate an area of 3700 square kilometers – the area 16 times bigger than the one contaminated by sarin. According to military experts estimations, “handling” one square kilometer of the enemy territory would cost about 2,000 dollars if conventional weapons are used; nuclear weapon would cost 200 dollars; chemical weapon 600 dollars, and biological weapon only one dollar. Precisely because of this fact, the biological weapon is called “atomic bomb of a poor man”. Another advantage is that literally everything can be used as a weapon, from a ballistic missile to a piece of fruit. With only few particles of the hanta virus many thousands of people become carriers that will infect thousands of other people.


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