The author of the Serbian esoteric diary named The Discovery I, II... X, Dušan Ninić, belongs to the spiritual World Brotherhood

The author of the Serbian esoteric diary named The Revelation I, II... X, Dušan Ninić, belongs to the spiritual World  Brotherhood. There are many new brothers already in Serbia, and the number is constantly growing. They are the monks of the scientific religion that is about to come. It sounds like a paradox, but it is true that Milošević and the NATO bombing have suddenly awakened this completely original Serbian spirituality that has been blocked for decades by the communist doctrine – the archetype of the golden ratio, the basic lever of power of the mystical mathematics.

Various conceited European peoples, Italians, French, Germans, had ambitions that had no basis in the destiny; Caesar, Napoleon and Hitler eagerly wanted to conquer the World, but to the no avail. Perfectly and naturally, without anyone seriously understanding, or even noticing, the World was officially conquered by Nikola Tesla in 1898 when he patented the remote control. Even before that, he gave to the world another wheel, more advanced than the mechanic wheel – the electromagnetic wheel of our time – the rotating magnetic field, and warned us: now I know how the Cosmos functions. The third and the last wheel of his that is still to be understood is the time wheel. Tesla left it as his main personal sign, as a letterhead: the spiral vortex.

In contrast to Europeans, whose role has come down to be mere guards of their European museum, the Serbs as the oldest European people have the destiny which is alive and is not covered with ambition – and today this destiny is determined completely by Nikola Tesla. Why? Because he is the father of the new Global Scientific Religiousness which combines the Spirit, the Soul, and Technology (Spirit + thought = mathematics; mathematics + reality = science; science + technique = technology), which Serbia will give to the mankind. We are talking here of Tesla's time physics, the science of planetary unification.

It is obvious, to any esoteric, that the Serbian people's destiny is to elevate the spiritual level of the human kind, and the whole humanity is behaving in such a way towards Serbs – very unjustly. On the other hand, as a national group, Serbs have liberated themselves from the collective consciousness and don't have any intention with themselves. If we look at that more deeply, this is understandable. Today's Serbship, just like the Jewship in the time of Christ – is an expression of human consciousness that is above history, and thus it can not develop and mature; the being of Serbship is not on the human-historic level, it is unchangeable and it acts on its own, as a cosmological principle.

Ninić and the brethren work jointly and publicly on the same idea, but each of them in his own way. What do they do? They are setting the new foundation for the awakened Serbian archspirituality in the roots of the global civilization, as it already has been the case in history, when the Neolithic Serbs who lived along the Danube (carrying with themselves the millennia old mathematics of the sphere and the golden ratio, and most important of all – the secret of the radius) arrived as white Gods to the region between two rivers, the ancient Sumerian Mesopotamia. The Serbian esoteric civilization, based on natural mathematics, precedes the Sumerian for about three millennia. The time line is the least important here – everything is anyway happening in the constant present moment. What is really important is that, just like nine thousand years ago, the original cosmic mathematics have reappeared in the people in the same geo-magnetic zone and in the same region, and that science is the mystical foundation of the scientific religion necessary for planetary unification.


Dear readers, keep in mind that the books are magical writings and that they can not be read only with the mind.


Prof. Velimir Abramović, PhD


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